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Pictures ARE Worth 1k words, But Words DO Matter!

Updated: Mar 24

Flipping through a college yearbook years ago, I stumbled across a quote with my buddy's name underneath it:

"Words are Everything!"

We had a great laugh together when I brought this discovery to light, but I digress.

The concept of WORDS however play a massive role at PAVERART when we are creating custom hardscape designs. Artistic designs are massively important, but very specific text matters just as much. Here's a few of the areas where words come into play in PAVERART designs.

Town Medallions

How do you have a town Medallion and NOT say who owns the medallion? Take for example Ocean County NJ. Does the medallion even matter WITHOUT the accompanying Text?

The Town Emblem By PAVERART

Neuro Diversity Emblem by PAVERART

School Logos

Some school logos and mascots are "iconic" but many are not. All are enhanced when the actual school name is captured, providing a built in photo caption for all that pose by their Alma Mater's paver logo.

School PAVER Logos by PAVERART
The HUN School Logo by PAVERART

"Core Values"

* Organizations of all types take a very hard look at the behaviors they value, also known as CORE Values. Some organizations like RELLIS (Texas A&M) actually build those values in permanent hardscaping, in a format like PAVERART that is designed to outlive us as humans.







RELLIS Core Values


* We specialize in memorials of all kinds, from Fire Department Maltese Cross's and Custom Station Patches, to Armed Forces Medallions and 9/11 Memorials. A key attribute of each? Text!

Rhode Island Firefighters Memorial

9/11 Memorial by PAVERART

POW Memorial by PAVERART

Paverart Maltese Cross

Nautical/Compass Rose Series

* The PAVERART Compass Rose collection of Inlays is clearly our best selling series of designs. We've talked about endless possibilities in Compass Rose design.

Core to the design? N. E. S. W. TEXT!

PAVERART Custom Compass Rose
A fact of life in the PAVERART business is common to many small businesses: We do not exist "ALONE." We work with many partners.

* Landscape Architects & Designers

* Hardscaping Professionals

* Material Suppliers

Throughout all of these relationships is understanding how WE can add value to each of them.

Take Hardscaping professionals ( that install outdoor living areas). These are true craftsman at their trade. But many are SEVERELY challenged (or wouldn't even try) to replicate text as shown in the above designs. So what are their choices?

1) Steer the client AWAY from text/words or don't offer it up to begin with if they recognize how it could add value to the project.

Note: Some markets, like those shown above may not even be relevant to the hardscaper's business as it exists today. In other words, the hardscaper is not servicing commercial, municipality, schools, etc. where hardscaping TEXT capability really matters. But in a Covid-19 world, aren't we all better off with the ability to serve multiple markets if you have the opportunity?

2) PARTNER with PAVERART to create a better overall product, and thus become more valuable to their Client.

We spoke about this choice in the following blog post: The Hardscaping Challenge: The Race to the Bottom, or NOT!

Something very simple like "WORDS" is not simple in real life execution. But in the World of Hardscaping Design, Words Matter.

And yes, in the eyes of a dear friend, Words are Everything!



From projects large to small, we love what we do and we'd love to do it for you.  The best part?  All it takes is the click of a button!

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