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Classical Patio Paver Designs

The PAVERART Classical Collection of Paver Designs do what many of our designs end up doing:  

They create "STOPPING POWER."  


What does that mean? 


Guests walk up to your front door, or to your backyard patio, they stop at the unusual piece of art built into the walkway or patio.  They stare at it, and marvel that they've never seen anything like that before.  

That's what happens with art.  And that is what happens with PAVERART.  

When guests walk up to your home, they are greeted by the Paver Welcome Mat.  It has 2 simple elements:  Wow Factor and it's built to last a lifetime.  Like all of our paver designs, if you want to add your family name, you can.  Have a special design piece you'd like to include?  Just let us know.  

The Sunburst Design:  For the first few years of PAVERART, the sunburst Paver Kit was a best selling series of inlays.  We all love a little sunshine don't we?   Each design carries its symbolism, and that is what makes a design special in addition to its basic aesthetic.  

Contact our experts today and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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