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PAVERART Engraved Paver Fundraising and Custom Inlay Designs

Supercharge Your Fundraising With Engraved Bricks & Pavers

Our one-stop fundraising program is perfect for schools, churches, fire departments, parks, and museums.  The revenue generated by the engraved paver project can pay for your PAVERART medallion and help underwrite other parts of your project. Whether your organization wants to fund the cost of a large medallion or a custom design, the messages of your supporters will endure in beautifully engraved pavers.

What makes PAVERART fundraising different from other companies? 

Our Designs We are Named After:  PAVERART


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The PAVERART Engraved Fundraising Difference

Whether it’s a memorial plaza, walkway, park or streetscape project, large organization or small, PAVERART can fill your need for a profitable and efficient method to raise funds for your group.

PAVERART provides you and your organization multiple options to supercharge your fundraising project.

  • Top quality, long-lasting cavity sealant engraved pavers or enamel coated

  • Multiple color choices of pavers allow full expression and brand integrity

Paverart Engraved Paver for Fundraising

Product Specifications


Our process begins by sand-blasting the surface of the engraved paver to etch your custom inscriptions.  Your inscriptions are then enamel-coated or in-filled with our long-lasting cavity sealant.


PAVERART Engraved Fundraisin paver color options

Submitting your inscriptions is easy!  Just read the attached instructions.

Download PAVERART Inscription Submittal Format Document

Check-Out a Great Time Lapse Video of our Partners @ Barnum Woods

Combining PAVERART & Engraved Fundraising Pavers

Help When You Need It

Mike Bull from PAVERART can help with all your engraved paver fundraising questions

Call us and we will help get your fundraising program started. It is easy for us to make your engraved paver project unique and highly profitable.

Mike Bull
General Manager
Mike Bull is General Manager of PAVERART. As founding member Mike has performed every role in the organization since its inception in 2003. Mike brings the same passion that led to the birth, innovation, and success of PAVERART to every client and every project.

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