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The PAVERART Labyrinth Difference

Labyrinths lead to destinations that are unique to those who walk them.  Find your path in a PAVERART Labyrinth.  

We are CUSTOM manufacturers of Labyrinths, specializing in Large Stone Labyrinth Designs. 


Why LARGE stones?    

Because that is the dominant feature of what is generally considered the "Gold Standard" in the world of Labyrinths:   The Chartres Labyrinth, at the Chartres Cathedral in France.  

Our new backyard labyrinth (pictured below) starts at an 11' diameter, and like all of our custom designs at PAVERART, we can build them as large as you desire.  

Labyrinth of the Chartres Cathedral in France. (Sylvain Sonnet/Corbis)

"The PAVERART Exemplar Labyrinth — The Only True Replica of the Original Chartres

PAVERART's Exemplar Labyrinth Series replicates the benchmark design in the Labyrinth community. 


The key elements?  

Strict adherence to the sacred geometry and the use of large stones.  With PAVERART's patented manufacturing process that allows us to customize any portion of the Labyrinth, from the rosette to the lunations.    

The PAVERART Exemplar Labyrinth

Large Stones, Un-Matched Customization

The PAVERART Exemplar Large Stone Labyrinth

PAVERART Labyrinths offer un-matched design customization, but maybe more important?  
Our exclusive packaging system enables our product to be the most efficient on the market when it comes to installing the product on location.        

Check out our Blog Post with some install videos:

The Backyard PAVERART Labyrinth

Large Stones 11 Foot Diameter

PAVERART Backyard Labyrinth
Don Moore, PAVERART Labyrinth Expert and Veriditas Facilitator

Don Moore

Labyrinth Expert

Don is a Trained Veriditas Facilitator and Owner/Publisher, Natural Awakenings, South Jersey. He has over 30 years hands on experience with the paving world designing and building custom landscapes for commercial and residential clients. His landscape architectural expertise will insure you will receive the best advice from planning to installation.

There is no limit to the design options as each labyrinth has its own feel and look. His understanding of the labyrinths and the spiritual connection in which we use them enables us to create a design which is best suited for you, your church, company or organization.

As a Veriditas Trained Facilitator Don can enable others to fully appreciate and experience the many labyrinth patterns we offer.



Contact our experts today and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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