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The PAVERART Exemplar Labyrinth

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

PAVERART has been manufacturing Labyrinths for many years. Like nearly every kind of product available in this economy, consumers have options.

We think (and of course we are biased) that the PAVERART Exemplar Labyrinth is unique and we have a page and couple of videos that explain what makes them unique here:

We can sum up our Exemplar Labyrinth Differences in a few points:


The "gold standard" for labyrinths is generally considered the Chartres Labyrinth at the Chartres Cathedral in France. The defining characteristic of the Chartres Labyrinth is large stones. With Large stones come distinct advantages (vs smaller ones)

  • Fewer Joint lines, generally considered aesthetically superior

  • MUCH less labor/time to install vs other options (such as building it from scratch on location, or installing a small paver "kit" on location)

Complete Adherence To The Technical Characteristics of the Sacred Geomety (if desired)


  • Path Widths

  • Number of Circuits

  • The Rosette (center piece) can be a complementary, stunning design on its own.

  • Design detail of the Lunations

  • The Colors

  • The TYPE of Stone (Premium Concrete Paver slabs, Granite, etc)

But enough about what WE think, sometimes its best to show a real world example like the PAVERART Exemplar labyrinth that we built for our great friends at First Presbyterian Church of Watertown, NY.

Their website does a wonderful job capturing various stages of the process.

What we like even more are the videos below:

  • 2 install videos, notice the dates are time stamped with the exact same date!

  • That's what we know to be true: The PAVERART Exemplar, large-stone Chartes Replica Labyrinth can be installed in one day or less (once the base is ready).

  • Best of all? The kids walking the Labyrinth. That simply makes our hearts happy!

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