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PAVERART Maltese Cross Collection for Fire Departments

Maltese Cross & Custom Fire Department Paver Shields

The importance of honoring firefighters who serve our communities cannot be overstated.  They deserve recognition for their selfless and brave work they perform every day. 


PAVERART has partnered with our country's great Fire Departments for 18 years to build custom memorials that honor those who serve and have served.  Our work ranges from the iconic Firefighters Maltese Cross to the highly customized Fire Department shields to Custom Engraved memorials.  

PAVERART Fire Department Specialist, Tom-Niehoff i

Tom Niehoff

PAVERART Fire Department Solutions and Support

Tom Niehoff has been working with PAVERART since 2007.  His extensive background and experience in this field make him an invaluable member of the PAVERART team and an outstanding resource for those seeking to honor the service of Firemen who protect our community.

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