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PAVERART Municipal Streetscape for Parks and recreation outdoor living areas

Municipal Custom Paver Designs

With PAVERART, public areas such as intersections, crosswalks, sidewalks, plaza areas, roadways, and memorials can become an integral part of the surrounding landscape and perfectly complement public spaces and building facades.  All of these areas collectively make up the public "streetscape."  They are for the public good and they belong to everyone.  

What is PAVERART's goal?  To beautify the world of hardscaping.  That means bringing design and artistic touch to municipal streetscapes.  We are the only company of its kind that creates these types of custom paver designs in any size and level of complexity.

An Example of EXCELLENCE in Landscape Architecture And Municipal Planning & Development?
Leonardtown, Maryland: A Once Dormant Wharf, Transformed Into a Thriving Destination

Check out This Drone Video showcasing a 40' Compass Rose We Were Honored To Build

Leonardtown Wharf in Leonardtown, MD

Source Credit:  Youtube Case Kittel, Instagram:  case_da_ace

You Can Read more about this signature project on this blog post:
"Creating A Town Destination:  The Leonardtown Wharf Case Study"

Municipal planners’ effect on urban development and renewal can last for generations.  Imagine the impact of a custom-designed paver streetscape that’s incorporated into concrete pavers or brick pavers. 


Streets, promenades, parks, memorials, fountains, and sidewalks all come alive with a brilliant design from PAVERART.

If you can imagine and design it,
we can bring it from paper to paver."

PAVERART's advanced cutting technology captures exact images and our designs transcend the limitations and sub-par durability of stained or stamped concrete.  PAVERART has years of experience in working closely with municipal governments and their Landscape Architects through all steps of the approval process.

One of our first projects was creating streetscape designs for four traffic intersections and adjoining sidewalks in the seaside town of Wildwood, NJ. 


How did this project come about? 


REPLACING stained concrete, after only 2 years installed.  Sometimes in life, "Cheap Becomes Expensive!"  

18 years later, the over 14,500 total square feet of pavers are still as beautiful and vibrant as the day they were installed.

Wildwood NJ Intersection streetscape by Paverat, custom paver design

Paverart Wildwood Sunburst ➢

PAVERART Fire Department Collection of Custom Hardscaping Inlays


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