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The Hardscaping Challenge: The Race to the Bottom, or NOT?

Updated: Jun 12

We hear it all the time at PAVERART from our Hardscaping Pros:

"We are in a very competitive market. Our clients put their project out to bid and there is always someone willing to do it cheaper."

It's an age old challenge all business owners need to confront: Do I LOWER my price to get the job or stand firm and hope they recognize our quality & service?

There's no easy answer, but ask yourself this: If INDEED there's always someone willing to do the project CHEAPER and you want to play the price drop game, where does it end? The problem with the race to bottom......the winner gets the worst prize possible, the destination.

The better, more sustainable path?

Be DIFFERENT. DELIGHT your customers.

Partner with people that help you to bring new, fresh ideas that customers end up talking about with their friends, and your name gets associated with that great work. Attract more of the clients that lead to sustainable business, not just trading time for $.

We like to think PAVERART is the kind of partner that sets people apart from a sea of pavers/sameness that blend in from contractor to contractor.

How do we know this?

Because we LISTEN to feedback from the market. Here's a sampling:

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

* "Oh my god, I spent "$xx,xxx" on my backyard project, I love it but I never knew this was available, why didn't my installer tell me about this?"

Small Spend, Big Impact

* "Unbelievable, "I spent $xx,xxx on the project and what do people always talk about? That compass rose/fleur de lis, rosette, etc over there that was a small fraction of the project cost"

One of A Kind

* "Everyone has a driveway, but ours has _____"

Designer Driveway: The Grateful Dead Steely by PAVERART

The PAVERART Compass Rose
Designer Driveway Featuring The PAVERART Compass Rose

The Challenge With Going At It Alone

"I'd Love to be able to intricate, detailed designs, but Labor is tough enough to find and keep, we need to get in and out of a job as quick as possible"

Crazy Cuts by PAVERART, The Wrought Iron Compass Rose

The "Cherry On The Sunday"- When the Homeowner Calls in with Excitement!

* "You won't believe it, my installer said he would throw this into the job and I can pick out any design to fit this area of the patio, I'm so excited!"

* My neighbor has this ____ that _____ (fill in the blank Hardscaper) just installed, I have something in mind.

The PAVERART Compass Rose with Diamonds

This is just a sampling of feedback we get, but they tend to have common themes

  • There's EXCITEMENT in ART.

  • UNIQUENESS, not sameness always seems to steer clear of the pricewar.

  • People TALK about unique things rarely seen. Being "worthy of remarking" = REMARKABLE.

Excitement + Uniqueness + Remarkable = Customers that multiply, in a SUSTAINABLE way.

What are YOUR plans to delight your customers in 2020?

Call us, we'd love to talk about your business, what your challenges are and how we can partner.

Designer Driveway with PAVERART Elements Collection

Killian the Bull Dog by PAVERART

The PAVERART Compass Rose Paver Kit



From projects large to small, we love what we do and we'd love to do it for you.  The best part?  All it takes is the click of a button!

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