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A Week in the Life: Building Outdoor Living Compass Rose Paver Designs

Updated: Jan 3

It never ceases to amaze us. People simply love the Compass Rose!

It seems that every week we have a Compass Rose in our Shop being built......this week was fun. We've dubbed it:

"Compass Alley!"

The Compass Rose is simply timeless. Something about the functional aspect of a compass for providing the proper direction. It's also a symbolic metaphor for purpose, sometimes refereed to as "TRUE NORTH."
PAVERART, compass rose, compass paver kit, landscape design, patio compass, inlay
PAVERART Compass Alley: Handcrafted in the USA

There are millions of potential combinations that can be created with our Compass Rose series. From the type of band, size of directional points, number of points, types of directional letters, fields, sub-fields, and colors, you can spend days dreaming up different versions. But thankfully our customers tend to drive a bunch of creativity.

When the question comes, in some versions:

"Would I be able too......?"

There it is. Good chance there's a new version of a PAVERART Compass Rose. We have a hard time saying no at PAVERART. It defies classic manufacturing "efficiency" to customize so many different designs, but if it makes our customers happy, we are in!

We believe that our customized outdoor inlays make an outdoor living space truly unique and special. But when our clients take the time to work with us to get the design just right, it also becomes PERSONAL. They very much built it along with us, and that matters.

So with all that's a recap of the past few weeks:

"I like the rope band. I also the crystal band? Can we fuse them together?"

A challenge we never heard before, fusing together two distinct bands for different sub-categories of Compass Designs. A few versions of color combination testing and some back and forth, a shop visit and voila, a beautiful outdoor living space is enhanced! Love how the patio was installed with different types of pavers surrounding the Compass Rose, adds a ton of interest.

PAVERART, compass rose, compass rose paver kit, inlay, patio ideas, landscape design
PAVERART Customized Compass Rose: Rope Band Combined With Crystal Band

We love when our customers tag us on social media with their installed pics. Here's a classic best seller, the Compass Rose Diamonds with Granite-like texture.
PAVERART, patio inlay, inlay, compass rose, paver compass, paver kit, patio, outdoor living
PAVERART Compass Rose Diamonds, Granite

This patio has 2 PAVERART designs: The Hera in the background, and a Compass Rose Diamonds with Granite-like texture in the points.

"A few things catch my eye. Granite Like Texture of the second picture, the center flame portion from the flame design, and the diamond series. I like the Harvest Blend, Sand and Charcoal color combos."

PAVERART, compass rose, patio, outdoor living, patio inlay, landscape architecture
PAVERART Compass Rose Diamonds

PAVERART Compass Rose Diamonds with Aquamarine/Charcoal Combination.

PAVERART, Compass Rose, Patio inlay, inlay, landscape design, paver compass
PAVERART Compass Rose Diamonds, Aquamarine!

Hats off to Cape Atlantic Landscaping, A successful First PAVERART Project! Love how this design creates a focal point in the patio.

PAVERART, compass rose, inlay, patio ideas, paver compass, compass rose paver kit, landscape design
A New Hardscaping Client Installs PAVERART For First Time!

A great patio install by our friends at Greenscapes Unlimited!

compass rose, rope band compass, patio compass kit, paverart compass rose
PAVERART Compass Rose - Rope Band

And last but not least........

Brian was able to bring a new design from PAPER to PAVERART

PAVERART, compass rose, compass rose paver kit, paver compass, inlay, patio ideas
New PAVERART Compass Rose Design

Compass rose, paverart, compass rose paver kit, outdoor living, patio inlay
New PAVERART Compass Rose Inlay

Be sure to check out our PAVERART Compass Rose Paver Kit Page at:


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