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The Compass Rose Collection: Recent Designs & The Symbolism Of The Compass

Updated: Feb 20

Every now and then I'll do a search for past projects on the internet.

The Leonardtown Wharf Compass is one of our proud projects we talk about often. In a nutshell, the town's leadership had the vision to transform a dormant wharf into what is now a thriving destination. From design, fundraising, to execution, the project is amazing.

So when I see recollections like Gary's and his interaction with the Compass, it makes me smile. I find his words inspiring, and I asked if he wouldn't mind me sharing.

Hope you enjoy Gary's words like I did and below I've shared some recent Compass Rose Designs sent in after the installation.

Gary Lusby, MD · "I had to work six days this past week and now I'm very thankful for it. I'm not going to complain for working 12hrs a day six days a week. Instead I enjoyed my day off with my loved ones. We did an unplanned trip to Leonardtown Wharf, it was so good to realize that there's nothing better in life that spending quality time with family and friends. During our walk, we found a compass drawn on the ground. I started thinking how much life is similar to a compass. Life, just like a compass has all the cardinal points. Sometimes we find ourselves on the southern most part of our life. This may be because we have problems and we think there's not a way out. Sometimes we find we are in that point because there's some negative people that act as a magnetic force that pull us down and don't let us be free. Sometimes we find ourselves at the northernmost point where we have a clear view of all the things we are capable of. However, when we are in the northernmost point of our life people get jealous and will try to pull you back south. No matter if sometimes you have to go East or West, Always remember that your goal is to always go North and be better than those that wish you to go south."

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Credit: Gary Donaldson Picture & Perspectives, August 2017

A sampling of installed photos over the past year or so.

  • Every design has a story: Why the colors matter, the location, the thought process

  • Some are quick processes, the homeowner sees the exact design they love, and we are off to the races.

  • Sometimes, clients want to change colors, add design elements, merge them with different designs, simulate different looks. We are happy and like to think we have patience to work along side of them.

What's important for us is the client is 100% satisfied, so we do what it takes to make sure we build a design that works. It's pretty fun!

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The New PAVERART Compass Rose Andromeda

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PAVERART Compass Rose Paver Kit - Crystal Band

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PAVERART Compass Rose Kit With Diamonds

paverart, compass rose paver kit, inlay, patio ideas, nautical compass, landscape design, patio design
Paver Compass Rose Kit with Rope Nand

The anatomy of a Compass Rose!

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