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New PAVERART Compass Rose Designs

Updated: Jan 3

Sending our PAVERART "proof of completion photo" to clients is a thrill. It's one of the last steps in our customer journey, and often times it results in a completely new design that our clients themselves had a real hand in creating.

In a world of SAMENESS, PAVERART gives our clients unlimited personalization. They become invested in the design process, and become co-creators.

This week I heard a new comment that broke through my tired brain after sending the photo:

"Oh my God, this is awesome. It's going to be the JEWELRY on my Driveway!"

Jewelry. A brand new descriptor of PAVERART, and it made me smile ear to ear.

The PAVERART Compass Rose design is nothing short of iconic. TIMELESS.

The customization possibilities are staggering and approach well over six figures. The combinations are endless:

  • Colors

  • # and size of points

  • Structure & type of banding options: Crystal Band, Rope Band, Diamonds

  • Text: "Established 1973" "Town of____" The Olivito Family! Military Bases

  • Logos as centerpieces

  • The Merging of different designs with a background compass: Eagles, Anchors, Etc

  • Paver texture differences - Aggregate-based paver finishes-"granite-like" combined with smooth pavers

The PAVERART Customization process comes together in a process we refer to as:

Going From Paper to PAVERART

Here's how the Eagle/Compass Came together with our client....

eagle compass, paverart compass kit, custom paver kit, compass rose
From Paper to PAVERART

While I love the compass and its artistic value, I value its SYMBOLISM even more.

True North is something you hear about related to the literal direction. I think of it in terms of the deeper meaning of true North:

What's your Purpose? Where are you going? How do we enjoy the journey?

As a small business owner, I've learned over many years that product really matters. But there's something that matters more: PEOPLE.

paverart, compass rose, compass flames, compass paver kit
PAVERART Superheroes in Action

Not many small businesses make it past the 20 year mark. PAVERART has, but it has been anything BUT easy. Many times it takes decades to hit your stride, and surviving long enough to figure out a new level. Luck never hurts, and sometimes it matters more than anyting.

Throughout our 20 years, any random day walking through our shop you can find "Compass Alley"......all kinds of different compass roses. Each one is meant to be it's own version of Jewelry, symbolism, and ART.

paverart manufacturing, paverart compass rose kit, compass rose, hardscaping design
PAVERART Compass Alley

Here are some PAVERART Compass Rose installations that were recently sent in. There's nothing like an installation photo to bring the value of our designs to life. Hope you enjoy!

paver inlay, paveart compass rose, crystal band, hardscape design, compass rose
PAVERART Compass Rose With Crystal Band

compass rose, techo bloc antika, paverart inlay, paver design kit, hardscape design
PAVERART Compass Rose Diamonds, Surrounded by Techo-Bloc Antika

inlay, outdoor living, paver design, hardscaping design, paverart compass rose paver kit
Driveway Envy! PAVERART Compass Rose Diamonds

compass rose, paverart compass inlay, hardscaping, outdoor living, patio inlay
PAVERART Compmass Rose New

compass rose, dogfish head brewery compass, paverart custom compass
Dogfish Head Brewery Compass By PAVERART

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We have a beach house and I have a 12‘ x 12‘ pavers section that has brownish pavers and an asphalt driveway. I want to do an apron and incorporate the pavers along with a Nautical compass rose circle.

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