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Find a Way To Say Yes! First State Military Academy

Earlier in the year I posted on Memorial Day about a special project: Memorial Point Park Veterans Memorial Park. I love the 6 armed forces medallions and the design (and install) put together by David Conklin of Kane Lawn & Garden LLC was simply breath-taking. Upon reflection, I quickly realized that the armed forces medallions are the top of my PAVERART "favorites" list.

A couple of weeks ago Mike & I had the honor of visiting First State Military Academy in Clayton, DE, along with our friends from EP Henry & The Brick Doctor, on the day of their 7th annual induction ceremony for new cadets (Press Release below).

first state military academy, induction ceremony, paverart medallion, inlay, custom paver design
7th Annual Induction Ceremony, First State Military Academy

As a small business owner, giving back to the communities we serve is rewarding AND challenging. Simply put, the number of worthy causes far exceeds most businesses resources and ability to say YES. However....

I've learned one thing:
A worthy goal for any business that looks to get stronger each year? Work hard to say YES. Support the causes that matter to you. And try and say YES more this year than you did last year.

When we learned about what's going on at First State Military Academy in terms of the grounds improvement project and participation from our friends at the Brick Doctor and EP Henry it was a natural opportunity to step up.

Our role at PAVERART for the project was simple: Customize A PAVERART Military Medallion (The United States Marine Corps Logo) to include the First State Military Academy. That's what we do: Build custom paver designs in ways you don't typically see, worthy of stopping and taking a picture or two.

First State Military Medallion, PAVERART, paver logo, landscape architect, custom paver design
First State Military Academy Medallion By PAVERART

What I was more excited about however was visiting the Academy. What an experience!

From the first step onto the campus you just know that there is something special happening.

Hopefully the pictures and video clips give a small sense for the unique organization and the bright future these cadets have in front of them.

first state military academy, cadets, paverart
First State Military Academy

FSMA, induction ceremony, paverart
First State Military Academy Induction Ceremony

PAVERART, inlay, First State Military Academy
First State Military Academy Entranceway Medallion

induction ceremony, custom paver design, inlay, paver medallion

paver medallion, inlay, first state military academy, hardscape design
Induction Ceremony and The Great Team At the Brick Doctor

FSMA Holds 7th Annual Induction Ceremony

Honors Support from EP Henry, The Brick Doctor & Paverart

Clayton, Del. – First State Military Academy (FSMA) held its 7th Annual Induction Ceremony for cadets on Friday, September 17.

The ceremony is a formal recognition of all freshmen and first-year Cadets at the school, with the new cadets affirming their dedication to FSMA and returning cadets reaffirming the Cadet Oath.

The ceremony also recognized several key business leaders who helped facilitate an over $120K upgrade to the school’s walkways.

EP Henry President Eric Long was the guest of honor at the ceremony. EP Henry, a leader in paver walkways, donated over 31,500 Brickstone pavers to expand walkways throughout the school’s campus.

Long offered some advice to the cadets during the ceremony. “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense,” said Long, quoting Winston Churchill. “Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

“As Mark Fuss (EP Henry VP of Sales) and I toured the campus and we were most impressed by the facility, the faculty & staff, the cadets, and most important, by the mission and values of the school,” Long said. “The local communities and the entire state of Delaware have good reason to be very proud of First State Military Academy.”

The pavers were installed by The Brick Doctor in a project that took three weeks to complete and consisted of 350 ton of excavate, 40 tons of sand and over 800 hours to complete.

The Brick Doctor President Jason Goodnight also attended the ceremony. “After seeing the students in action and what the school stands for,” Goodnight said. “It was more evident why it is so important to help schools like this succeed.”

In addition to the walkways, The Brick Doctor team also helped support an Eagle Scout flag pole project and with the installation of a brick walkway by the senior class.

“One walk through the campus and you feel the sense of pride that all of the faculty and students have for their school,” Goodnight said. “Everyone should experience it at least once to fully understand the pride and respect that the school represents.”

The Brick Doctor also helped install a new brick art at the school’s main entrance – the U.S. Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor, which was donated to the school by Paverart.

Paverart President Mark Olivito was also impressed with the school.

“There is definitely a culture that is present that can only be understood by experiencing it in person,” Olivito said. “I can’t help but think these students will be very well prepared to take on the world, in whatever capacity they choose because of their time spent at FSMA.”

The ceremony limited in 2020 to just new cadets due to COVID, included more than 200 parents, family members and friends this year.

First State Military Academy, a public charter and Marine Corps Junior Officer Training Corps school, began its seventh academic year in August 2021. The school has an enrollment of 462 students from 12 of 16 feeder school districts in Delaware.


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