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Memorial Point Park Commemorates 100 Years of Service: Memorial Day Weekend

Updated: May 30, 2021

I get a kick out hearing business owners answer a very simple question:

"What's your personal favorite product that you make?"

They go back and forth, sometimes equating their products to their own children and how could they possibly pick a favorite? I often shout, just answer the damn question!

Yes, the desire to play it safe cuts across all aspects of society, but I digress.

I have a clear answer.

If I had to pick just one?

Our Armed Forces Medallions.

  • Navy

  • Coast Guard

  • Marines

  • Army

  • Air Force

I don't have any regrets in my career. But if forced to think hard about missed opportunities, one does come to mind:

Not doing a stint in the Military.

So I have massive respect and admiration for our Armed Forces. I've had great experience working with people with Military backgrounds and get excited when I come across opportunities to work with people from the Military.

As we come into Memorial Day weekend I usually get agitated at some point as it inevitably is referred to as "the official start of the summer" and no mention of what it's really about.

For me, this picture brings it home, and the story behind it in the link.
grieving widow, memorial day, military
Grieving woman speaking into a gravestone

Remembering our fallen heroes matters. There are lots of ways to do that. In our business, we are honored to be involved in their creation, and we love that because they tend to be PERMANENT, enduring structures for all people to learn and thank our Veterans.

Back in early January, I received a call from David Conklin, owner of Kane Lawn & Garden, LLC talking about the Memorial Point at Evergreen Park Project, a Veterans Memorial in Kane, PA. Needless to say I was excited.

David pointed me to the Facebook page where I could see the project rendering, and needless to say that brought it all home. A beautiful design, and one that I couldn't wait for PAVERART to do what we do.

landscape design, landscape architecture, paver design, custom pavers, paver medallions
Rendering: Memorial Point At Evergreen Park

Veteran Memorials are special. Memorial Point honors our heroes from the Kane Pennsylvania area who gave up their lives in the Korean War, Vietnam War, WWII, and the Persian Gulf era.

memorial point, veterans park, veterans memorial

At PAVERART, we've manufactured Armed Forces medallions over the years for various parts of the country. But when they ALL come together at one time in our shop, and, more importantly, at their final location, it's really something special.

Our shop floor final photo doesn't do it justice. We try and take some shop videos discussing the overall project (below), and their is also a 6th design, the Pennsylvania National Guard.

landscape design, paverart, custom pavers, paver designs, inlay, veterans memorial
PAVERART 5 Armed Forces Medallions

We are thrilled when we see the project install photos. This project is amazing.

armed forces medallions, custom paver design, inlay, paverart, landscape architecture
Memorial Point: 6 Armed Forces Medallions by PAVERART
paver design, paverart, inlay, landscape design, landscape architecture, custom pavers
PAVERART Armed Forces Medallions
US Marine Corps medallion, inlay, paverart, landscape architect, custom pavers, paver design
US Marine Corps, Department Of The Navy by PAVERART
inlay, custom paver design, landscape design, paver design, custom pavers, memorial pavers
Pennsylvania National Guard By PAVERART

inlay, patio, landscape design, memorial pavers, veterans memorial
Department of the Navy by PAVERART
landscape design, memorial park, veterans memorial, memorial pavers, custom paver design
US Coast Guard by PAVERART
landscape design, custom pavers, inlay, paver design, hardscape design, armed forces medallion
Air Force by PAVERART
landscape architect, hardscaping, hardscape design, paver design, custom paver design
Department of the Army by PAVERART

armed forces medallions, veterans memorial, memorial park, memorial pavers, armed forces medallions, paverart
Memorial Point at Evergreen Park

At PAVERART, it's a thrill to produce works of art that last a lifetime.

Even more satisfying? When the clients are happy. And when I reached out for permission to share the photos, they couldn't be more gracious.

"We are beyond pleased with your work. We hope you get the chance to see them in person and if you do please stop in to the VFW and ask for Jerry or Dave and introduce yourself!"

Can't wait to put Memorial Point at Evergreen on my future Field Trip List, and their wonderful tribute commemorating 100 years of service by Kane Veterans. I especially look forward to meeting Jerry & Dave.

Art has an amazing way of bringing people together.

The PAVERART show walk-through of the Armed Forces Medallions

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