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2024 PAVERART Residential Design & Review Portfolio

We take proof of completion photos for every PAVERART design we've manufactured over the past 20+ years. Many of those designs have colorized shop drawings as well.

But what REALLY brings PAVERART to life? Installation photos. PAVERART at its final home, in the driveway, patio or sidewalk. Sometimes the furry creatures make it their favorite resting stop. Beneath this driveway compass rose installation you can directly download this PDF/portfolio, which also has plenty of client feedback/reviews as well. We hope this compilation of designs and client feedback will be informative, and maybe even inspiring.

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PAVERART 2024 Homeowner's PDF: Installed Designs & Reviews

2024 PAVERART Residential Design & Review Portfolio

2024 PAVERART Homeowner 0115-24 (1)
Download PDF • 13.58MB

Anybody that takes the time to send in their installation photos we are truly grateful for. And if they write us a review we can learn from? Even more so.

When I came into PAVERART in 2018 I spent a ton of time going through past projects.

I came across one project, The "Steal Your Face" driveway design and our great client & friend Stew. I felt compelled to call him. He took me through the project and how he found us. Such an interesting project backstory, as well as an impressive and generous business owner.

But his review hit a nerve with me in a couple of areas:

Custom driveway design, paver design, hardscaping desing, custom inlay
PAVERART Client Review

  • The "earning" of business where it can be a pleasure to write the check. But it better be over the top.

Stew's view of customer service DIRECTLY shaped mine, but in some less obvious ways. I started to ask myself a simple question for every significant purchase I was about to make: Is writing this check a "pleasure" or more of a "just have to do it?" 99% of the time it was the latter. I did this experiment for 5+ years. It led me to the following conclusions:

  1. With all of the "one click" service and breakthrough technology, there seems to be a very real LACK of human to human interaction. Old school, get to know somebody, ask some questions, learn some things that are valuable, ask more questions, learn something else. Maybe find a common bond or two. So many companies are purposely trying NOT to get humans involved. That's frustrating.

  2. Teams really make a difference: Now let me BRAG on technology. Covid forced us into ZOOM. We have had countless calls with Mike, Brian and Myself. Brian has a secret weapon: Fingertip access to our design software and past design files. It brings an entirely new dimension to a project call. AND, Brian has a disarming way with people, where Mike and I bring different skills and experience to the table. Between the 3 of us, we can typically figure things out and create a nice outcome.

  3. In a small business with growth, it's important to let people know that you are NOT perfect, sometimes a call or 2 ends up in a black hole or emails get missed. But you have the owners phone/text (908) 873-7522 to alert me if you may have been a rare miss.

All the way back to Podcast #9 (below) when it was still in our old office, Mike and I talked about the state of customer service in America, and came to a conclusion:

Nice Guys Finish First.

The problem with customer service in too many businesses?

  • Missing Nice.

  • Sometimes Missing Guy/Gal. (no humans at all).

We like to think we have a unique, one of a kind product in PAVERART that will stand the test of time. And PROOF of that. We think that matters. But something tells me that the service matters more.

Customer service is not a 1-2 person job. It is a total COMPANY job. The entire team. It takes time, and effort and a real DESIRE to deliver customer service. Only our clients can tell us if we deliver against that, and in their own words.

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you!

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PAVERART Team = Service

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PAVERART Canvass Prints - PAVERART On Wall!

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