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PAVERART Custom Combo Designs

Updated: May 4

I often wonder why the Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream Cone was invented. Weird, I know. My Theory? People like 'em both, and can't decide. Problem solved.

PAVERART has our own version, which I've dubbed combos (and I welcome a better name!). The merging of 2 design concepts into one.

"Could this combo concept actually be a Standalone Category? From the Eagle Compass, the Shark Compass and a bunch of other concepts in the works......"

Our Custom Design Process Is Simple!

  • We Chat live, human to human! Old school, yes.

  • We discuss what types of designs you are drawn too, application (patio? driveway?), surrounding colors, space available, interests, ideas.

  • We estimate costs, time, etc.

  • Then we go to either a design fee/mockup or an order, where we do the design. If we do a design fee, we DO credit this back to the order.

  • We get to work and bring your vision to life.

We refer to our design process as going from "Paper to PAVERART." The goal is to get as close as possible to your final design, from structure to colors. We try and give as many looks as possible so you know exactly what you can expect.

Here's an example of a Eagle/Compass custom design, from blank, colorized, proof of completion photo and installed. We are biased but think this is an iconic design.

custom design, paver design, outdoor living, patio ideas
PAVERART Custom Design Process: Outdoor Living

Worth noting: This client I will always remember. In the summer of 2022 we had an ENOURMOUS amount of machine challenges we strained our entire production system, lengthening wait times. This was one of those projects where we were a few weeks past our target. While I never like communicating challenging situations, we always try and be up front for the best possible project outcome. I remember hanging up the phone after this conversation and saying "enough of this!" I decided to purchase a brand new machine, which led to our largest capital investment in PAVERART's history. We aren't perfect, but we will never be accused of not trying everything to have outstanding service.

Enter The PAVERART Shark Compass

Brian talks through his own project and bringing to life the Shark Compass on this blog post, where we filmed a series of videos related to design and install. We covered:

Here's a quick video of the Shark Compass PAVERART project.

Recent custom designs we've built:

  • Rope Anchor Compass

  • Crab Compass

  • 2 Military Compasses with custom engraving

hardscape designs, custom pavers, patio inlay, outdoor living, paver designs
PAVERART Combo Nautical Designs!

A post was written on bringing the Custom Coast Guard To Life which can be found here:

A quick video short of our client call.

patio ideas, compass paver kit, hardscape design
Compass Crab Combo!

custom pavers, paver design, hardscaping, custom design
PAVERART Werewolf Compass Combo

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