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How Do You Tell An 18 Year Story In 8 Minutes?

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Every business has a unique story. That story usually has:

  • A Founder with a burning idea to bring to the world.

  • An original "cast" or team.

  • A supporting cast. Suppliers, outside firms, advisors.

  • A plot twist or two.

  • Key defining moments that determine how the story ultimately plays out.

Sounds like a screen play!

PAVERART is no different. We have been around for 18 years. There are a handful of people and supporting cast members that have been here since day 1. Mike Bull, our General Manger comes to mind. Who else?

EP Henry, our original supplier has been here since the start, and we really think of as a true strategic partner.

In the world of customers & vendors, there are always "degrees" of relationships, from arms length "friendly transactional" to REALLY close, strategic relationships, and everything in between.

Strategic relationships, by definition have a vested interest in each other's success, or failure. The relationship extends beyond today's transaction which is easy to measure in $ terms. They look at the past, the history, and maybe most important, the future. They figure out how they can add value to each other's business beyond buying and selling.

Earlier this year our friends at EP Henry talked to us about profiling our 18 year relationship in a video.

While this was a new idea, we have been in contact with their Marketing team a number of times over the past few years. In fact, we even wrote about them in earlier posts:

In that post I spoke to our admiration of the Marketing team and some ground breaking work they were starting to do, particularly in the area of video and how they used it to introduce their 2021 catalog.

In a noisy world, when things break through MY consciousness, I tend to take notice and try and figure out what's going on.

So we start brain-storming ideas together on how to tell the story, eventually creating an outline of themes, projects, testimonials.

Then the raw footage collecting process begins.

  • Tons of Pictures.

  • 2 major field trips at job locations.

  • A few shop visits.

  • A session in front of the Green Screen.

  • And what I can only imagine was a TON of behind the scenes work editing and creating the finished product.

Paverart, EP Henry, landscape architect, landscape architecture, outdoor living, compass rose, hardscape design

Telling an 18 year story is a challenge indeed. I'm biased, but we love the final video, and hope you learn something about our journey and enjoy it!

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