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Personalizing Your Outdoor Living Space

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

I caught an interesting factoid from Starbucks: "We have over 87,000 possible beverage variations when you take their core beverages and allow customers the ability to modify them...." If you've ever been in a line at a Starbucks you've probably seen some unique orders: no-fat, soy, no whip.....

This got me thinking about our business model at PAVERART, albeit we are in completely different businesses....

The customization aspect of what we do at PAVERART is core to who we are and how we serve our customers.

  • Over 100+ RESIDENTIAL Inlay designs

  • 20+ colors with the ability to create new shades....

  • Infinite ability to change cuts, add lettering/text

In short, without doing the math, I think our # is north of 87,000!

Add in the fact that customers can bring us a customized image or design and that really makes the # INFINITE.

This past month we completed a project where our customer took the time to go through our website and combine elements of one design, with elements from her community sign to create a customized 4' PAVERART design.

We are proud of the end result (below) and can't wait to see the installed picture.

We also loved our customer's interest in seeing our shop and learning more about what we do.

It's extremely rewarding when customers get involved in the creative art process of our business, in addition to the business itself.

The 4 Images That Captured The Design Target

Paverart, inlay, patio inlay, outdoor living, landscape design, customized pavers, patio inlay, compass rose, compass rose paver kit, paverart compass rose
PAVERART Design Identified as a "Base" to Customize

PAVERART, inlay, patio, personalized patio, custom pavers, patio inlay
Customer Created "workable space" and Target Band Design

PAVERART, inlay, outdoor living, Hardscaping, customized pavers
Birds To Incorporate in Custom PAVERART Design

PAVERART, customized inlay, patio, outdoor living, customized pavers
Close-Up of Birds

The Final PAVERART Design, Manufactured & Ready For Packaging

Flying eagle round logo
Customized PAVERART Inlay

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