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Haley's Comet, Extroverts & EF Hutton: Perfect Together!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Haley. She's the most well known Comet. And she only makes an appearance every 75 years, so be ready, next time she comes is projected for 2061!

Thanks to Mike Bull for that creative opening analogy to a long-form 7+ minute walk-through of the PAVERART floor last week. This was a rare view of our shop when we had 11 paver designs finished and on the floor, at the SAME TIME.

Mike talks through each of the designs in his usual creative manner as he drops some neat factoids through the tour. Aside from the "bad doggy" banter, this video captures:

  • 2 Blue Crab kit designs

  • 2 standard Compass Roses

  • 2 Custom Compass Rose Designs, a combo crystal band/diamonds with Glow In The Dark Elements & a Compass meant to mirror a wooden floor inlay inside the home.

  • A commercial paver logo

  • 2 "Paver Letter boxes."

  • A town Medallion for Secaucus NJ, patterned off our Crystal Band Compass Rose

Below the video I'll introduce to you Ef Hutton and why he matters in business...

There's an old-school advertising slogan:

"When EF Hutton Talks, People Listen!"

With all due respect (anytime you hear that, duck!) to extroverts.....they can TALK. And Talk. And Talk some more. They get their energy from people and could talk away a day and then some.

Want to frustrate an extrovert? Don't say anything. Keep it to yourself. Play virtual poker, no emotion and keep them guessing. Their mind will race like a freight train trying to figure you out. It's like a minor slice of hell on earth. Oh the dramatics!

Mike & I fall into this category. You could put us both into a dingy room and give us 12 hours and we can entertain ourselves with various topics and have a hell of a time doing it, and we'll leave those 12 hours ready to tackle the world. I like to think that this comes from a deep level of mutual respect for each other's smarts/life experience (we certainly do), but the truth is we are wired similarly and that feeds off each other.

I am by no means "clinically qualified" to determine if somebody's personality is wired for introvert/extrovert, but us mortals can generally can peg it pretty accurately.

And we all know people who resemble EF Hutton: They don't say much, but when they do, you better be ready to listen. It will often times be golden.

At PAVERART, we have a couple of EF Hutton's. Brian, our lead designer and shop manager, who has been a central part of our business for over a decade. Every design we produce, Brian touches in one way shape or form. Brian knows our business, and when he comments on it his batting average is as high as it gets. When he said this week "I can't remember 11 designs on the floor" when we were reviewing it, I thought to myself:

"IMPRESSIVE. Call a Timeout." As a business leader, it's important to realize when a time-out is needed.

Enter John. John joined PAVERART in January of this year. He's a fast study. And again, when Brian started singing his praises, we took extra notice. The thing with great performers however tends to be obvious, their pride in their work will stand out. The basics are handled quickly and they start to expand what you think is possible with not just their role, but the business overall.

Early on Covid 19 John mentioned to me "I've been training my whole life for social distancing!" Remember when I said I'm not clinically trained to earmark someone as introvert or extravert? That's true, but is this not an obvious indicator? All due respect (there it is again) to the country's great psychology graduates, I think I got this part of psychology. LOL. In short, John is another EF Hutton.

Truth be told, LAST week I was feeling a bit down. Our designs that we shipped were less than our average, yet I knew our team was busting it everyday. But I'd be lying to say I didn't feel that our performance slipped a bit. Enter EF.....

I go up to John after we shot the video. I mentioned to John that this might be his most impressive week since he joined PAVERART. What did he say?

"Well......this week and all the designs are really just a function of all of LAST week's work when the shop was covered with cut pieces on pallets."

It's one of those moments. I've been in business all of my adult life and know that progress and results does not look like a light switch, flip it and the room lights up. And I still fell into the trap of looking at results in front of my face and calling them the "here and now."

It's humbling. Slightly embarrassing. And a reminder.

Take a breather when Haley makes her entrance in YOUR business. They can be the little things you'd like to see more of. And get your EF Hutton's to weigh in. Because when they speak, we oughta listen!

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