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Luck Matters: Love This Inlay, But.....

My wife sent me this nice little "Happy Saint Patrick's Day!" to post on our social media sites. It got me thinking of a great saying/axiom:

"The Luck of the Irish!"

Many people argue about the role really good fortune (luck) plays, or does not play in life. I've heard them all.

"Make Your Own Luck."
"The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get!"

I write a Leadership blog with a domain name called "Hustle Or Bust" so you can assume I'm a believer in massively hard work and all of the benefits that could bring someone. I started this blog at the ripe old age of 37. A decade later......

I STILL believe in a person's ability to create their own luck through hard work. But it's simply not right to acknowledge the very real role that LUCK plays in our life.

  • A chance encounter that turns into a lifetime friendship

  • An introduction to a person that becomes a great friend, business ally, mentor

  • A google term with 12mm results and somehow they found you, and you are nowhere near page one

  • A spotting of an object that triggers a weird thought that won't go away. That idea.....

There's a thing about luck that I think is subtle. You need to be open to it to increase your chances of luck.

A few examples below.....

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Luck of the IRISH Inlays By PAVERART

A podcast story that struck a nerve last year. The gentlemen was speaking of regrets throughout his career from college friends that reached out and he did a less than stellar job keeping in touch. He referred to his own behavior as "resisting overtures of friendship." Would his "luck" have changed had he embraced these overtures of friendship? Who knows, not sure it matters, but having no regrets is enough motivation is it not?

I spend about 10 hours in the car a week. I publish my cell phone (908) 873-87522 and windows to catch me: 4:30am-6am & 4:30PM-6:00 PM, no agenda/purpose, whatever. I'd rather be lucky than good. I'm open to being lucky.

Mindset: The Shameless PAVERART Tie-In.

Every now and then when speaking to couples deciding on a PAVERART design I hear some form of the following:

"Well, I really love this but we are selling our house in x number of years, will this hurt our chances or help?"

I give them my PERSONAL experience buying/selling 6 different homes, detailed in this article.

Many times the people we are speaking with have homes that are $500,000++ and this question is at the top of their mind, as it should be.

In my humble opinion, what makes the house SELLABLE is a qualified buyer where the location, # of bedrooms, etc FIT with the buyer's needs. BUT they will likely have multiple options that fit the bill, even in a hot real estate world with limited inventory. So what matters?

The SECOND visit back to your home. What causes a second visit? A vivid memory. "The house with the pink dog house....." (not kidding). Luck plays a role here, we've seen it on every single transaction.

So about that Shamrock design sitting in your patio?

They don't like the green shamrock?

Have your 10 year old finger-paint a sign on poster board, mount it to a stick, stick the poster board in the ground next to the shamrock. The more juvenile the better. The more colorful the better. Attention is the point. If junior needs a little copywriting guidance, how about this?

"We believe in the luck of the Irish. But if you don't, no problem. At closing I will write you a check for $1,500 (or fill in the blank) for you to buy yourself something special to you. Perhaps a Compass so you can always be reminded of following your true north?"

So if your walking in the prospective new home backyard and you see this sign next to the shamrock inlay, will that not stay in your memory when your making your lists of return visits? Can't hurt.

In the world of selling a $500,000 asset.......a finger painted sign next to an inlay with a memorable gesture worth .003% starts to feel like your in the world of creating a bit of luck. That's also some creativity, and marketing. That couple will be at their local cafe this evening with their realtor debriefing which houses caught their eye and if they want to re-visit any. I'll take my chances that the house with Finger-painting/Shamrock will at least be remembered.

In a competitive world, being able to stand out matters.

So does luck.

So do overtures of friendship.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

PS - Can't wait for the warmer weather and visiting the Guinness Brewery in Baltimore. PAVERART built their custom compass rose, can't wait to see it.


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Guinness Brewery - Compass Rose Inlay by PAVERART


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