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Marketing Challenges: Breaking Through The Clutter With PAVERART

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Lets face it. The world of Marketing is very noisy. We are bombarded by thousands of messages a day through all sorts of devices. I have to think that streaming and digital recording has exploded at least in part because people are time starved and don't want to endure countless ads. This creates a very real challenge for business owners and marketers everywhere in a hyper-competitive market.

Without sufficient sales (customers), a business goes on life support. Long before a sale happens, a prospect needs to actually know that a brand exists, and breaking through one's consciousness is more and more challenging, and can be very expensive.

It is also true, that people DO love their favorite brands. They refer to their preferred business as "My______" showing a level of pride and ownership as part of that. And what about our favorite sports teams?

  • The Die Hard______fans

  • _____ Nation

  • _____ Country

Consumers don't freely give out their loyalty, it needs to be earned. But when it is earned, the consumer can do their part telling the brands story and sending out their message.

How many social media posts (or other word of mouth conversations) of your friends have you said "I never tried that, looks interesting?" Probably more than you think......

I like to think there's a way for businesses to capitalize on the above: Brand Loyalists, and the "experience economy." Experiences are not just attending the latest event. Experiences can be any touchpoint with a brand that is memorable and worth sharing.

Businesses should do their part to try and "merge" their brad into the overall customer experience.

I think of it as a branded & shareable physical space. A photo, a sign, or any icon good enough to be shareable with your customer and the brand as one. Something that is eye-catching enough for your customer to proclaim "I am here!"

Elmwood Park Zoo Logo by PAVERART

At PAVERART, I like to think that we help businesses capitalize on these challenges. By their very nature, our PAVERART PAVER-LOGO tends to be disruptive from the everyday images consumer see with brand messaging.

And yes, they tend to Picture-worthy and share-able, what's that worth?

I believe the following is true for ALL businesses:

  • Business Development is challenging, and in many cases expensive.

  • A paying customer has voted with their wallet, a validation in your product/service.

  • A proud customer promoting your business is BETTER, more valuable and credible than ANY paid advertisement!

I don't think many would argue with the above. But a couple questions for business owners everywhere....

1) Have you EARNED that privilege for your customers to be your advocate and tell others?

2) Have you made that easy for them to do?

Below are some examples of Commercial Logos we've done over 17 years, and don't miss our COMMERCIAL page to see a broader sampling.

Copiah Lincoln PAVERART Logo

Philadelphia Eagles Logo by PAVERART
Thunderbird Paver Logo by PAVERART
Guinness Brewery Compass Rose Logo By PAVERART

Guinness Open Gate Brewery, PAVERART Compass Rose

A new PAVERART Commercial Logo built this week, excited to see the installed photos, and even more excited to see the pictures with happy people!



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