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LSU & Mike The Tiger: On Top Of the College Football World

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

"LSU and Joe Burrow's national championship season places Tigers among greatest ever"

That's the headline on this morning. Sports arguments are fun, and anything that proclaims "best of all time" is sure to spark such an argument.

Regardless, we at PAVERART say CONGRATS to the entire LSU community for winning the national championship. Admiring a national champion is easy, but we will admit, we are bit biased on this one. Why?


We built Mike.....IN PAVERART. And we LOVE it!

I'll never forget one of my first visits to PAVERART. Mike Bull (a PAVERART Co-Founder + General Manager) and I were talking about past custom projects. Mike was at his computer, going through our database of past designs......and than he pulls up this one:

"What do you think of this one, MIKE THE TIGER?"

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Mike the Tiger (LSU Mascot) by PAVERART

At first I thought, "is that thing painted?" Than we stared at the screen, and admired the craftsmanship. Mike the Tiger was a great example of what can be achieved with PAVERART.

I also remembering thinking, as I do with every job:

  • What's it look like installed?

  • Is the client happy?

  • What's the impact this project has had?

  • Lets find some people out there enjoying the PAVERART, taking their proud selfies by it, that always cheers me up on a rough day! Sometimes this is the most challenging and we need to be creative, but we found a fun little you-tube video below that showcases the PAVERART right before Mike's cage

At PAVERART, we've been working with Schools for over 16+ years, and each one is unique, with their own Mascot, logo, emblem. From paw prints, tigers, bulldogs, huskies, we've built it. We never take for granted the pride that is associated with a project like this.

We also walk a little taller with the community when a major accomplishment is achieved. A national championship certainly checks the box. Congrats to LSU!

paverart, paverlogo, school hardscaping, landscape design, landscape architecture, tiger walk
Mike The Tiger by PAVERART at LSU

A fun little youtube video that shows Mike the TIGER by PAVERART at :20

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