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From Dirty to Clean: The Joy of Cleaning PAVERART Designs

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

The world of Hardscaping is difficult, often times "back-breaking" work, as I described in a Tip of The Hat To The #HARDSCAPEBROTHERHOOD

Hardscapers are those special craftsman that install beautiful outdoor living spaces, from patios, firepits, retaining walls, designer driveways. They create livable square footage outside of a home, hence the term "outdoor living."

Back-breaking implies....

  • Heavy Lifting - Sore muscles, aches, pains and SWEAT. Lots of Sweat.

  • The outside world, often less than perfect weather conditions

  • Dirt, grime, all over.

With our work at PAVERART, there are some similarities, but a couple of differences.

  1. We work INDOORS, at our Shop in NJ.

  2. We do NOT install the final product we rely on Hardscapers to do the installation.

But we DO build everything on a factory floor "as if" it were being installed. We do this to make sure all the pieces we cut come together in beautiful PAVERART, like a heavy jigsaw puzzle. We then dis-assemble the PAVERART and package it in a step by step format for easy installation in the field.

The other thing that is common with our work? Dirt!

Concrete Pavers are made from a mix of gravel, stone dust, aggregate, cement and colors. Naturally, when you cut into them, some of that raw material "releases" into the environment. In other words, our process of making PAVERART gets dirty fast!

Maybe the dirty process of making PAVERART is why we find the cleaning process so uniquely satisfying. There's nothing like seeing dirty, hazy puzzle pieces being assembled to its final form, then being given its bath, and then being cleaned off into ARTWORK.

We do it daily, right before taking a final picture that is used for the packaging assembly schematic/instructions.

Great and efficient cleaning is tremendously aided by the right CLEANER. We've tried them all over 16 years, and still find our formula the best all around Efflorescence cleaner.

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The PAVERART Efflorescence Remover & Cleaner

Here's a few videos of the final PAVERART Cleaning.

The "Lest We Forget" American Flag Medallion Cleaning

The Bedford Township Town Seal Cleaning

The PAVERART Cross At Sunset Cleaning

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