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The Compass Rose: Great Energy & True North

There is just something special about the iconic Compass Rose.

The Symbolism is endless. And so are the possibilities.

We've made the Compass Rose in all shapes, sizes and color combos at PAVERART. We've included family names, town names, organization names, you name the name! We've built them from 3' all the way to 40'++. Almost always they get installed pointing true OR magnetic north.

While I love the large "mega compasses," I get more excited for something I call "Compass Alley." That's when we walk into the shop and see 5+ compass rose designs in various stages of completion, it's a sight to behold marveling at the differences.

compass rose, compass designs, paverart, hardscaping, small business
PAVERART Compass Alley

What's more exciting than a shop walk-through?

When our clients share their installed PAVERART design photo. And the cherry on the sundae? A nice review of our products and services.

Recently, we received 2 great reviews from clients, both from the great state of California.

There were some words and phrases that stood out to me.

  • SHARKEY - We've now renamed the Shark/Compass Combo design.

  • Good Energy - Pets instinctively know it.

  • True North - Direction in life...

  • Come back home.

In short:

  • Names matter. Reputation is always tied to one's name.

  • Great ART tends to throw off good energy because it's personally meaningful.

  • We are all searching for direction are we not? And if it's not US searching, are we not well served to help be that guide to OTHERS?

inlay, paver compass, custom pavers, paverart, driveway compass
Meet Sharkey: The PAVERART Combo Design

paverart, compass rose, compass pavers, custom compass

compass rose, inlay, outdoor living, paverart designs
Sharkey & Jazzy Get Acquainted

"Paverart is a true gem! We were looking for something unique for our front yard refresh and found it with the Shark compass rose. From start to finish the Paverart experience was just awesome. Everyone was very responsive and attentive and patient with all of our questions. Even responded on the weekends! Sharkey was shipped to the west coast and was packed to perfection and arrived with no damage. Install videos are very informative and detailed. Couldn't recommend them more highly! Only regret is that we do not have another project for them." - Laurie B.

Something about our furry creatures we call Pets. When I see them on the designs I get giddy. I shared this picture of Bart, and Laurie's response struck me:

paverart, compass rose, true north, permeable pavers, custom driveway, inlay
Bart Relaxing On The Compass Rose!

"Love it! He's so cute.  I think the compass rose gives off good energy and the animals know it."

Next Client:

This was a bit unusual, and I give 100% of the credit to (of course) our client! She was looking for a 3-foot diameter compass. Our standard minimum however is 4' diameter. But wouldn't you know it, on our in-stock design page we had a 3' design ready to ship that we completely overlooked! And seeing the install photos, this was actually the perfect size.

"We recently purchased our "forever home" and wanted a special place near the front of our house. We purchased a compass rose from Paverart and LOVE how it has turned out! We envision this compass as a place for our girls to stand for back to school photos, prom, and special events over the years. It symbolizes our desire for our kids (and others) to follow their True North and direction in life... and in case they ever need to remember they can come back home! So thank you for helping us make your artwork into something we are going to enjoy on a daily basis for many years to come!" - Adrienne S

compass rose, walkway compass, outdoor living, hardscape design
3 foot Compass Rose From PAVERART

Compass rose, custom inlay, hardscaping, paverart
PAVERART Compass Diamonds

nautical decor, paverart, compass rose
Compass Rose: TRUE NORTH

Truth is, I was taken aback by my client's review. It is very possible our own routine (4' minimum!) almost cost her the opportunity to have something very personally meaningful at her home. Thankfully, she was more diligent than we were!

There's always an opportunity to be better.

Last, a tip of the hat to Brian, creator of Sharkey. This quick video he talks through how the design came to life.

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