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Brick By Brick: Random Thoughts On Building, Teenagers & Americana

Summer is in full swing.

This summer is special at PAVERART. We have what I would call a "SQUAD."

Beyond this core motley cru (in our winter hoodies)......

We have a squad of young guns: Matthew, Ray, Dominic and Zayre (not pictured) all new and learning our craft.

custom pavers, 15 and the mahomies foundation, custom pavers,
Ray: 15 & The Mahomies Foundation

teamwork, paverart, training
Dominic, Nick & Matthew: PAVERART Engraving Room

Finding talent is hard, and the hard work in the PAVERART plant where temps go past 95 degrees with stifling humidity does not an easy gig make.


If you ask me, there's nothing better. If you ask me to rattle off themes of what defines our great country, Hard Work makes a top 10 list.

Reminds me of a great little Tom Hanks Clip: "The Hard Makes it Great."

I've missed working with my son Dominic, and especially the chance to spend 3 hours in the car. I'm not sure Dominic would agree, truth be told not sure any 14 year-old would be as excited as their parent.

Any parent can relate to the fact that at some point, time just starts to move too damn fast. I've learned to appreciate this time together and not take it for granted.

We got into a few topics on his first week of summer work at PAVERART......compound interest, growth, making videos, the last summer before he enters high school, our Italian American Heritage. We go all over the board in our 10 hours of drive time a week.

But one theme seemed to keep cropping up......


That's how progress is made. Over long periods of time. One foot in front of another. Staying at it and not giving up. I love this saying and how it's not only directly related to our business, but it's a metaphor for progress in the world of business.

Mr. Hanks's advice to his star ball-payer was good. He didn't try and judge her life aspirations. But he DID want her to live with no regrets and to understand that the HARD is what it's all about.

I often think of this classic picture, construction workers over a city skyline. I hate heights but I've always marveled at these guys and their role in building our great country. Brick by brick.

Last random thought.

Another Tom Hanks famous movie: FOREST GUMP. Maybe the best soundtrack movies of all time. Great scene: Shit Happens.

A guarantee in life is that S___ happens. Mistakes. Problems. Issues. On our last post I talked about the Hardscaping Industry's current "stress cycle" and some thoughts around dealing with it.

In short, I'm a believer that life is not so much what happens TO YOU, it's how you respond. And the whirlwind of life always happens.

In our business at PAVERART, we ship our designs across the country. Like anything that ships, damages can happen. When they do, we jump on it, tell our customers not to panic, we get it back on our cutting decks and on the road. FAST. That's our goal.

Every now and then our customers go out of their way to communicate their appreciation for making things right. It's a highlight of my week and our team always appreciates it, and I've shared it below.

It also is a reminder that if we respond quickly and the right way, approaching "Shit happens" the right way is often good for business.

At least that's what my gut tells me.

Enjoy the 4th of July Weekend!

"Hi Mike,

We received the replacement parts today in excellent condition!

Thank you so much for addressing the cracked pieces so quickly. See pictures of your/our compass medallion!

We love it!

I want to sincerely thank you and your team for such responsiveness. You have been an absolutely pleasure to work with.

I would be happy to endorse Paverart, just let me know where is best to do so and if I can ever be a reference for your company, feel free to call upon me.

Thank your team as well for some exceptional work. Enjoy the pics and your Summer!"

compass rose, stone compass, inlay, custom pavers, paverart, patio ideas, patio design, compass paver kit, paver design kit
PAVERART Compass Rose Diamonds Inlay

compass rose paver kit, patio compass, patio ideas, patio design kits, outdoor living
PAVERART Compass Rose Paver Kit

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