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Welcome to the Second Half of 2020!

Updated: Apr 3

Just like that, it's July 1st! 6 months officially down and 6 months to go. There's something simple about being "half done."

Multiply your first half results by 2, and that's the theoretical result of a full year, assuming the second half is equal to the first half. But of course, 2020 is anything but simple!

When I look back at our past blog posts I was struck by 2 early one's:

Both posts were Pre Covid-19.

Like all businesses (and the country for that matter), the world is being viewed through the eyes of Pre and POST Covid-19. Post Covid, SURVIVAL became the new goal for so many businesses.

This brings me back to First Half, Second Half (multiply by 2?), if SURVIVAL is the right goal and how we should be looking at our worlds these days.

Over the weekend I came across an old Seth Godin provocative question from one of his books: This is Marketing. The question is simple:

"Would They Miss You if You Were Gone?"

It's a hard question to ask yourself isn't it? But when your in a crisis and running a business, maybe THIS should be the acid test for businesses everywhere?

If the answer is "I'm not sure" or "no" there's work to do...and lots of it.

I don't think there are absolutes in business. As it relates to PAVERART and as a company that's endured 17+ years, there's a fair amount of people that would say, "Yea, we'd miss them." But we can always do better, be better partners, more creative, delight more people and find new and better ways to do what we do. It is why we stay at it each day.

This past weekend, a wonderful series of pictures came through Facebook from a happy customer, which I've inserted below. It made my weekend. Her quote made me smile too:

"We both say all the time it’s one of the best decisions we made. They are such a cool part of the whole space!"

When I see a family, the dog, the fire pit, and a couple of great looking custom designs complementing the outdoor living area, I couldn't help but smile. No one customer's piece of feedback gets you to a universal YES on Mr. Godin's tough question. It takes an overwhelming majority along with the team working hard and smart to create a successful business.

But our success at PAVERART can always be linked back to people enjoying their moments outdoors.

Here's wishing you a great second half.

Outdoor Living Area Featuring Custom PAVERART Designs, Buck & Trout

Outdoor Living With PAVERART

Outdoor living with PAVERART

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