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Tips to Beautify Your Backyard in 2020

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

We may still be in winter’s grip, but spring is just a few months away. Have you started to think about what you’re going to do with your backyard yet? If not, there’s no better time than now. Here’s how to give your outdoor space the attention it deserves, but with a lot less time and effort than you might expect.

fire pit in backyard with paver inlay

Take a Look and Make Some Decisions

Even if you haven’t yet gotten to the planning stage, you probably have some ideas about what you want to do back there. It can help to take a look at the space, whether you go outside or grab a summer photo of it.

Next, there are some decisions to make. What do you want to use your backyard for? This can help you decide on a dominant feature. For example, if you want a second living room in your backyard, then furniture, a barbecue space, and getting backyard patio paver design ideas will be the likely priorities.

Perhaps you want to have more than one usable area in your back yard. You’ll also want to think about whether or not this space will have a theme. Whatever you’re planning, you have to make sure there’s enough room for it, both in terms of space and budget.

Make It Easy to Maintain

Although you may think there’ll be a lot of work involved in having a beautiful backyard, doing so doesn’t have to mean you have to spend the summer on it. You can have the best of both worlds when you plan for a low-maintenance space.

If you love plants, choosing perennials and then planting them according to how frequently they need to be watered can be a good idea. Or, you may decide that landscaping with patio paver kits is more appealing in terms of aesthetics and labor intensity, as opposed to a garden.

Any furniture you plan to place in your yard should be able to withstand the weather and not require you to spend time wiping it down or storing cushions away. A furniture set with quick-dry cushions that’s designed to wick water quickly over or through its structure will mean there’s no need to move it into the sun after a rainfall.

Another great way to reduce your maintenance of furniture is to put something over it. A gazebo will accomplish several things; it will add an attractive feature to your yard while protecting outdoor furniture from the elements. Thanks to its all-weather curtains, a gazebo can also provide privacy and shade.

colorful patio furniture sitting area

Find Simple Ways to Modernize

You may be tempted to go on a backyard shopping spree for the latest and greatest outdoor styles, but there are many ways to give this area a brand new look without having to buy brand new items. For example, there may pieces or features you already love, such as your furniture or garden. Where this is the case, playing them up can have a big impact.

Paint vs. Purchase

A new coat of paint can make your beloved furniture look new again. Instead of choosing the original color, consider what’s going to be trendy this year. For example, Pantone’s chosen color for 2020 is classic blue, but within this color is a wide range of shades and vibrancies.

Of course, you don’t have to go with blue; the company, which is the authority on color, has some cool online tools you can use to choose a color for not only your furniture but every element of your backyard. Check out their online color wheel and selection tools, and you’ll soon be matching shades like a pro.

Upgrade Accessories

Many times, swapping out accessories can work wonders for your outdoor space. Whether you buy new or used, focusing on these accents will leave more room in your budget for bigger plans like landscaping. Remember that, in addition to retail stores, your local second-hand store or flea market will carry unique items that you can apply to your backyard theme.

Landscaping Love

When you think of landscaping, big piles of dirt and dollar signs may come to mind—but you don’t necessarily have to dig any holes or spend a lot to change your backyard’s look. Landscaping can be as simple or complex as you like, but, remember, if your goal is to be able to enjoy a newly revamped backyard this year, then “Keep it simple” should be your mantra.

Trees and Gardens

Trees and gardens are beautiful natural features that can be easily upgraded. Adding mulch and a stone ring around a tree can add simple charm. Your existing garden can also benefit from stone borders and weed-stopping mulch, which will add to its ease of maintenance.

Grasses and Gravel

Ornamental grasses are a great way to give your backyard a completely new look. Also—you guessed it—they reduce the amount of time you’ll have to spend on maintenance. Colored gravel can be an ideal and simple way to define an entertaining or play space. Other ideal places for gravel include spots where plants don’t grow or where foot traffic is heavy.

compass rose paver art in yard

Walk This Way

If you want to create a path in just a few minutes, stones and DIY pavers will deliver. Flat, irregular pieces of natural stone can be laid right over grass a few inches apart, for a striking and simple feature. Placing stones or pavers together can also work well, especially in dining spots, where chairs will be frequently moved toward and away from the table.

In addition to their functionality, pavers are ideal for anyone with an artistic flair. The absolute wealth of colors, sizes, and types of stone allows you to design a walkway or define an area in a way that reflects your unique taste. If you have a pool, pavers can be a pretty way to add some running room.

Circling pavers around your firepit can add plenty of interest and keep your yard looking modern and attractive, even when it’s not in use. This is just one of many paver patio ideas that can really make your backyard beautiful.

Pavers as Features

One of the neat things about using pavers is that they can be a feature all by themselves, especially when you add special designs at one or more points. Imagine a circle of pavers in an outdoor living area. Now, imagine an artistic design that fits perfectly in the middle of that circle.

You may have seen these types of inlays in the foyer of a home; either your own or in a magazine. You may have been really impressed by how they looked like they belonged there, or you may simply have loved the originality of a floor with a centerpiece like that in it.

The great news is you can get that exact same look but for your backyard. How would that even work? You can choose from a range of hundreds of existing designs, which would then be cut so that you could place them in your backyard, much like a puzzle.

But what if you had the ability to collaborate on a completely custom design, logo, or other artwork instead of choosing from existing designs? You actually can.

bulldog portrait paver art

Customized Pavers That Add Beauty and Functionality

When you want something really unique and special for your backyard, customized pavers from PAVERART will fit the bill. Maybe you want the initial of your family’s last name or a special family crest, pop culture icon or completely customized nautical compass in your outdoor living room. Or, you may just prefer a special design around your firepit to add some flair. Whatever paver design ideas you have, PAVERART can make it happen.

Our process uses advanced cutting technology that perfectly captures any image in solid stone. That image isn’t stained or stamped onto the stone. Instead, your unique feature is made with only the highest quality durable materials so that it looks beautiful for years to come. If you’re ready to discover a way to completely revolutionize the look of your backyard, view our online gallery or speak to one of our experts today: (856) 783-7000.

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