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What A Legacy: Inspiring A Generation of Swimmers

People often go by many "titles."

Manager. Owner. Salesperson. Father, son, friend.

There really is no title more important than Mom or Dad. For kids, parents are absolutely their everything. And the reverse is also true.

At PAVERART, memorials are a segment of our business that brings parents and their families to our doorstep.

As a small business, things tend to be "GO-GO-GO." Phones ringing, trucks showing up, vendor meetings, customers, employees, etc. At times it's like a freight train.

But when we receive calls from a family member that has lost a child, the world grinds to a halt very fast.

Kacie VanBuskirk Paul's mother Julie shared her daughter's story. We learned of her amazing, all too short life of 27 years. Her career as an All American Swimmer, the amazing impact she had on all she coached.

Coach Kacie.....inspiring a generation of swimmers.

All American. Coach. Daughter. Wife. Friend. Leader. Role model.

Role models in life are hard to come by. Her mom explains her story in the video below.

And they started a memorial scholarship fund for Kacie's legacy to live on forever, to support swimmers in the South Lyon, Michigan Community to continue their education. You can learn more at:

"We want her memory to live on forever. She deserves it. We don't want her to be forgotten in our community. She was special."

The Memorial Kacie's Mom designed with us is personal, vibrant and stunning. What a tribute to a Kacie's life. The scholarship which will impact future generations and continue to honor Kacie's legacy and the tremendous impact she had on our world.

Art tends to take on many forms and elicit various emotions. Over time, we hope emotions turn from grief to smiles.

Memorials and scholarships. Tremendous tributes to those that have left us, but will surely live on.

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