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Personalize Your Patio with PAVERART!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

It is impossible to predict what gets people excited!

But over 16 years of doing business, there are some common elements that people gravitate towards when considering a PAVERART patio inlay to make your outdoor living space truly special.

A home's unique characteristics or whatever is unique to the geographic location is always a good starting point!

  • Is your home by the coast?

  • By the mountains?

  • Rural setting?

Incorporating the unique surrounding landscape characteristics is always a good starting point.

Plenty of options to tie into that, here's one we've always loved, maybe it's the convenient walk to the beach!

Patio Inlay, PAVERART, PAVERART Inlay, Hardscaping, Beachfront, patio, pavers, paver kit
PAVERART Sunburst Patio Inlay

We've always thought of a our PAVERART Compass Rose collection with a simple premise:

"Life is too short not to follow your true north!"

People tend to gravitate towards this collection, and it's actually our top-selling line.

paverart custom inlay, patio, design, hardscaping, compass rose, compass rose kit, nautical pavers, pavers
The PAVERART Compass Rose with Diamonds

DO you have some real passion or part of your family you'd love to put in PAVERART?

We can think of a couple that have come to mind.

Our beloved Fur Babbies!

  • Well, Killian will always have a place in our heart at PAVERART. What a great looking bull-dog, now forever put in stone with a custom PAVERART design.

PAVERART, Patio, Inlay, Custom Inlay, Hardscaping, Landscape design, Landscape architecture, outdoor living, patio, pavers, medallian
PAVERART Custom Patio Inlay - Killian the Bull-Dog!

patio, pavers, inlay, patio inlay, PAVERART, hardscaping, outdoor living, red sox paver logo
Boston Red Sox PAVERART Patio Inlay

BOSOX fanatic?

PAVERART, Inlay, Patio, patio inlay, pavers, hardscaping, outdoor living, landscape architecture, landscape design, flyers logo
Philadelphia Flyers PAVERART Inlay

Or maybe Hockey is your flavor?

Sometimes, we love our brands so much we just have to put them in PAVERART!

PAVERART, thunderbird, inlay, custom inlay, patio, outdoor living, thunderbird logo
PAVERART Thunderbird Inlay

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