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Career Day, The Time Capsule & New Beginnings

What a whirlwind April has been! To name a few....

  • We launched the Brick By Brick Apprenticeship Website to communicate our grand ambitions that there's a better way then the debt-ridden path of a conventional high cost education while learning valuable skills, earning money and beautifying the world of hardscaping.

  • We attended 3 high school career day fairs to speak with high school juniors about the program, their ambitions and what we do. You can see the banter between Mike & I in the below video

  • We continued to build PAVEART designs of all shapes and sizes. A couple of Compass Roses, a sea turtle and leaping dolphin below.

  • We FINALLY converted the shop to brighter, more efficient LED lights. Yay!

  • My wife and I decided we were tired of a leaking ceiling coming from our upstairs bathroom! So we created a time capsule. Blurbs below.

  • We hired Robert and are excited to have him join PAVERART.

Small businesses have a ton of challenges, especially ones that look to grow and get better every day. Growth requires stepping out of comfort zones, finding talent that wants to join our journey, and fixing those leaky pipes.

Mike builds the mini compass rose while Mark drones on about random show setups. We learned something new about Mike: He came out of the womb born to be a trade show superstar. He can spot an interested candidate 75 yards away and reel them in. Nobody comes close!

The Brick By Brick Apprenticeship folders feature our program logo and one of our signature projects, the Leonardtown Maryland Compass. I couldn't think of a better project to grace the cover and help tell our story, and that of our friends in Leonardtown. Their vision, determination and perseverance throughout the years to build a great little town is remarkable.

A few recent PAVERART designs: The Compass Rose Hope, leaping dolphin, sea turtle and custom compass rose with center initial.

Welcome to the team Robert! So fun when family comes into PAVERART to see what we do.

Last, as we tear out our bathroom my wife had a fun little idea. She breaks out a sharpie and says, why don't we leave some thoughts for the next person that tears into the walls 20 years from now? So Kim signs the wall "The Olivito's, Mark, Kim, Hope, Dominic, and of course the dogs."

I was more strategic.

"Super Fudge, Judy Blume, worth a read, she lived in town." I have no idea why I wrote this but it came to mind so what the heck!

Then a couple of statements that mark the time, what the S&P 500 is today, the price of a gallon of gas, the national debt and student debt.

But most important? What I'm most grateful for, hitting the genetic lottery and being born in America.

America is & always will be a shining city on the hill."

- Ronald Reagan

America is a big, messy experiment with a ton of challenges, but unbelievable opportunities. Like the designs we build that bring a smile to ours and our client's faces, I can't help but smile thinking about the gift of Freedom we are all luck to enjoy.

Who knows if someone will ever see these messages. But it's fun to think of the look on their faces should these ever be discovered.


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