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More than eight decades experience helping clients design, plan, execute and succeed with engraved pavers fund raising.


We are there to help from start to finish because we know how important your project is to your organization.


Achieve the greatest results for your fundraiser — with our high-impact / high-quality / high contribution pavers.

Our one-stop fundraising program is perfect for schools, churches, fire departments, parks and museums. The revenue generated by the engraved paver project can pay for your Paverart medallion and help underwrite other parts of your project. Whether your organization wants to fund the cost of a large medallion or a custom design, the messages of your supporters will endure in beautiful engraved pavers.

Why Engraved Pavers

Supercharge Your Fundraising Project

Across the country, groups are achieving tremendous success with engraved paver fundraisers. Any type of organization, large or small can succeed with engraved paver fundraising. Community members, friends, family and more will be eager to buy pavers in support of your worthy cause! Whether it’s a memorial plaza, walkway, park or streetscape project, PAVERART can fill your need for a profitable and efficient method to raise funds for your group.

The PAVERART Solution

PAVERART provides you and your organization multiple options to supercharge your fundraising project. These include:

  • Top quality, long-lasting Epoxy-Fill engraved pavers
  • The economical alternative, Enamel-Coated engraved pavers
  • Various color epoxy options for the Epoxy-Fill engraved pavers
  • More than two dozen color choices of pavers allow full expression and brand integrity

PAVERART is the only company in the U.S. that can supercharge your fund raising project by combining the visual impact of a PAVERART design with the unique capabilities of our engraved paver program.

PAVERART Engraved Paver Features

Design Options

PAVERART Engraved Pavers are available in brick and concrete with 5 sizes, 2 dozen colors and 6 engraving options that are purposely selected to accommodate any design.

Our process begins by sand-blasting the surface of the engraved paver to etch your your custom inscriptions into specially formed cavities. These cavities are then filled with durable enamel or hard, long-lasting epoxy.


Our economical Enamel Coated engrave finishing process coats the inside of the cavity with durable enamel that helps to seal the inner walls of the inscription, but does not fill the cavity to the surface of the paver. This low-cost method provides an attractive, finished product.

Epoxy Fill

Our Epoxy Fill engraving finish option uses hard, long-lasting epoxy that protects cavities from dirt and ice that can shorten the life of your engraved paver. 


PAVERART is the only company that offers “Engrave-Glo” – PAVERART’s exclusive epoxy-filled engraved pavers that glow-in-the-dark.

The technology is the same as the epoxy-fill process except that the epoxy will have a photo-luminescent glow at night. Call us to get more information about this totally unique product from PAVERART.

Product Specifications

Paver Size

Character Count

4×8 3 lines per paver, 15 spaces per line
6×6 4 lines, 11 spaces per line
6×9 4 lines, 17 spaces per line
6×12 4 lines, 22 spaces per line
12×12 6 lines, 22 spaces per line

Standard Paver Colors:


Additional 12×12 Paver Colors:


Engraving Colors for Epoxy-filled Pavers:

  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
Your engraved pavers can be manufactured in a variety of fonts optimized to emphasize and present your cause, donors and brand with quality. These include:

PaverArt Engraved Paver Approved Fonts - 032717

Thank you for using PAVERART as your #1 source for top quality engraved pavers. The format for properly submitting your inscriptions is very easy to do. Just follow the directions below:

  1. All inscriptions need to be submitted by email. All inscriptions submittals must be in Microsoft Word format (no transfers from Microsoft Excel). You will need to save your inscriptions based on size – for example, if you are ordering 4 x 8 and 12 x 12 engraved pavers, you will need to save the inscriptions for the 4 x 8’s in one file and the inscriptions for the 12 x 12’s in a second, separate file.
  2. Use a readily identifiable file name to describe your inscriptions.
  3. There are a few simple rules required for the submitted inscription file:
    1. All inscriptions submittals must be in a Microsoft Word format.
    2. All letters must be in Upper Case / Capital letters.
    3. Each inscription must be left justified on the page.
    4. NOTE: You do not have to “center” each line of your inscription. Maintain the left justified format. We will center the lines for you.
    5. We request that when you come to the end of a line, do NOT hit the space bar and then the enter key – just hit the enter key.
    6. NOTE: You may use whatever your default Word font is – you do not have to use the font you’ve chosen for your engravings. We will apply the proper font to your inscriptions.
    7. DO NOT number each inscription.
    8. Skip 2-3 lines between each individual inscription.
    9. Continue your inscriptions in the left justified column as you go from page to page – only one column per page.
  4. Save your work to the properly labeled file, attach the file to an email and send it to Please make sure your name, organization name and contact information are in the body of the email.
  5. Sit back, relax and wait for your order to be completed. Paverart will take it from here.

Download PAVERART Inscription Submittal Format Document

Engraved Brick & Paver Pricing

Low Price Guarantee: If another comparable company has a lower price, WE WILL MATCH OR BEAT IT!

($25.00 set-up charge for all orders of 10 or less total pavers)



Epoxy or Enamel

4X8 Brick


4X8 Concrete


6x6 Concrete


6x9 Concrete


6x12 Concrete


12x12 Concrete – Standard Colors


12x12 Concrete – Special Colors


Product: 4X8 Brick
Epoxy or Enamel: $25
Product: 4X8 Concrete
Image: PaverArt 4x8-Concrete-Master
Epoxy or Enamel: $25
Product: 6x6 Concrete
Image: PaverArt 6x6-Concrete-Master
Epoxy or Enamel: $26
Product: 6x9 Concrete
Image: PaverArt 6x9-Concrete-Master
Epoxy or Enamel: $28
Product: 6x12 Concrete
Image: PaverArt 6x12-Concrete-Master
Epoxy or Enamel: $30
Product: 12x12 Concrete – Standard Colors
Image: PaverArt 12x12-Concrete-Master
Epoxy or Enamel: $35
Product: 12x12 Concrete – Special Colors
Image: PaverArt 12x12-Concrete-Master
Epoxy or Enamel: $42

Help When You Need It

It is easy for us to make your engraved fundraising project unique and highly profitable. Our satisfied clients include; schools, fire departments, athletic groups, religious groups, community organizations, charities, etc. Call us and we will help get your program started. It is easy for us to make your engraved fundraising project unique highly profitable.


Mike Bull

Mike Bull

General Manager

Mike Bull is General Manager of PAVERART. As founding member Mike has performed every role in the organization since its inception in 2003. Mike brings the same passion that led to the birth, innovations and success of PAVERART to every client and every project.

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