Pavers Provide You With Better Options

Pavers offer a number of significant advantages over concrete, gravel and other hardscape surfacing options. They look more attractive and are easier to maintain. If one section of the hardscape area gets damaged, you only need to replace the damaged area rather than having to re-lay a whole concrete area.

However, although pavers are more attractive than other options without a doubt, standard paver and brick designs still limit options. It is possible to create artistic images with standard pavers, but finding the right colored pavers and the perfectly shaped pavers for your masterpiece is difficult.

Where We Come In

PAVERART provides a solution to this problem with ready to install, durable paver design solutions. Our patio paver designs and custom pavers are custom made out of top quality pavers. These pavers are pigmented, not painted. We precisely cut them to form any one of the hundreds of standard designs that we have available. We will also create a custom design of your choice. PAVERART paver designs make a great focal point in a paver projects. Rest assured that they are durable enough to be used in driveways as well as on paver patios, walkways and paver pool surroundings.

Custom pavers not only break up a large area of pavers and provide the finishing touch to paver project, they also allow you to personalize your hardscape project and make it look totally unique. Here are just a few ideas of how you use PAVERART custom pavers to beautify and personalize a residential paver project.

PaverArt Philadelphia Flyers Residential Custom Design, Patio Paver

Poolside Paver Art

A few paver art designs located round the edge of a pool, or on a patio by the pool, can really lift the whole area and make it look wonderfully inviting. Take a look at our tropical, seashore and nautical paver designs to see how you can turn a pool into something really special.

Driveway Patio PaverDriveway Paver Art

PAVERART custom pavers can be used on areas that require vehicular access, and can be used on driveways or on parking lots. You could make a driveway look a lot more attractive with a patriotic paver art design. Or, enjoy a beautiful garden style customer paver art installation. We also manufacture custom paver art designs, so you can proudly display your family crest at the entrance to your home.

PaverArt Residential Hummingbird Design Patio Paver

Patio Paver Art

However large or small your patio is, a paver or brick patio will be totally transformed by the addition of beautiful paver art. We have wonderful garden paver designs that would be perfect for a garden patio. If you are creating a garden with a classical feel to it, take a look at our classical paver design collection. We have sunburst, solstice, and fleur-de-lis pavers available.

Walkway Patio Paver

Walkway Paver Art

Paver art can be used effectively along walkways too. Placing a paver art design at strategic points along a walkway will provide a wonderful sense of discovery as people walk along the walkway and find new images to look at around each corner.

PaverArt Butterflies Kit Patio PaverGarden Paver Art

You can use custom paver art as a centerpiece in a garden feature too. PAVERART patio paver designs are so beautiful; you can use them as a standalone feature in their own right.

These are just a few ideas of how you can use PAVERART custom pavers to personalize your residential hardscape project, but there is really is no limit to the number of ways that you beautify paver projects with paver art. Take a look around our full collection of paver art designs and, if you have any questions or you need some advice, please do feel free to call us at (856) 783-7000 or email us at