Set Your Community’s Support in Stone

Whether it’s a streetscape project, a municipal park development, a memorial plaza or a public walkway, engraved pavers or engraved bricks are a wonderful way to encourage support for a fundraising campaign. With engraved pavers, supporters’ generosity will be recognized and recorded in stone forever.

PaverArt Engraved Paver Array Enamel-CoatedPAVERART offers a one-stop service that will boost your fundraising campaign in no time. Engraved bricks and engraved pavers provide supporters with physical evidence of their generosity. You will find that, when word spreads about your paver fundraising campaign, more and more people will want to get their names cast in stone in support of your project.

We Can Help You Get There

We understand how important a fundraising campaign is for any organization. That’s why we will be there to help you with the entire project. We have over eight decades of combined experience in helping organizations raise funds through our engraved bricks and pavers. We are proud to have been able to help churches, schools, fire departments, museums and many other types of organizations meet and go beyond their fundraising targets.

Enjoy the Possibilities with Unique Fundraising Brick and Paver Options

Combined with a PAVERART custom paver design and paver medallions, engraved bricks and pavers can be used to create a visually stunning tribute, memorial or public space. PAVERART fundraising bricks and pavers come in a range of options, including long-lasting epoxy-fill engraved pavers, enamel-coated engraved pavers and in a wide variety of different colors. We are also the only company that can offer you our exclusive “Engrave-Glo”, glow in the dark, engraved pavers.

PAVERART engraved bricks and pavers are available in brick or concrete, in five different sizes, more than twenty different colors, and there are a half a dozen engraving options to choose from. With so many options, you can pick just the right style of engraved fundraising bricks and pavers for your project. Each fundraising paver is carefully etched with the wording and then the etching is filled with either a long-lasting epoxy or a durable enamel to keep the lettering clear, clean and easy to read for many years to come.

Make Something Everyone Is Proud Of

PaverArt Church-GrottoEveryone likes to see something physical come out of their support for a worthy cause, and engraved fundraising bricks and pavers are the perfect way to achieve that goal. In our experience, a fundraising paver project can dramatically boost the income for a campaign and stir up community-wide support.

Giving supporters the chance of being involved in the project through the purchasing of sponsored bricks will help bring the community together in support of your cause, no matter what size of paver project you have in mind. And PAVERART will be there to help you, every step of the way. We are not here just to create engraved pavers and bricks for you. We are here to help you make your fundraising project a success.

PAVERART is the only company in the US that can offer you the combination of unique and beautiful paver art and the fundraising bricks and pavers to generate support for your project. If you would like to know more about our one-stop paver art fundraising solution, please feel free to call us on (856) 783-700 or email us at for more information on how we can help you make your project a success.