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Our Paved Art Process
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Patented Process

Our patented process enables the rendering of virtually any design in stone — no matter the size or complexity — in full color palette. This enables endless possibilities for realizing your design vision.

Simply put: Your design + Computerized design software + Abrasive water jet technology + Pre-assembly & Packaging + Simple Installation =

Custom-designed, beautiful, sustainable hardscapes.




Computer Aided Design Software

Our sophisticated CAD software breaks down your art and transforms it into a puzzle — replicating the original design as a collection of individually designed pieces.

Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Technology

Our abrasive water jet manufacturing process replicates the computer generated puzzle pieces as interlocking stone pieces — each faithfully replicating the original design.

The rendered design preserves the original design in proportionality and vivid colors.

Pre-assembly & Packaging

Each manufactured design is preassembled to ensure finished results meet out premium quality standards and allow for problem-free installation at the customer jobsite.

Custom Installation Instructions

Our goal is to make installation of your project simple and efficient. to accomplish this we prepare custom installation instructions for each design and installation.

The custom installation guide provides precise step-by-step guidance that is so simple a child can accomplish it.

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