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Custom Designs

Let us transform your design idea into sustainable art that honors, inspires and lasts a lifetime.

Our design experts can assist and guide you from concept to completion — whether you wish to honor a significant cause, event, passion, mission, individual or team.

Our patented process replicates any design, and honors it faithfully by rendering it in vivid color and sustainable stone.


A beautifully-crafted labyrinth inspires those who seek to open the heart and quiet the mind… Paverart provides a variety of classic and contemporary Labyrinth designs to actualize your vision.


Paverart offers an extensive collection of ready-made kits. View our design options below.

Engraved Pavers and Bricks

Our engraved pavers fundraising and donor recognition campaigns have empowered schools, religious organizations, civic groups, libraries and hospitals.

Paver Size

Character Count

4×8 3 lines per paver, 15 spaces per line
6×6 4 lines, 11 spaces per line
6×9 4 lines, 17 spaces per line
6×12 4 lines, 22 spaces per line
12×12 6 lines, 22 spaces per line

Standard Paver Colors:


Additional 12×12 Paver Colors:


Engraving Colors for Epoxy-filled Pavers:

  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
Your engraved pavers can be manufactured in a variety of fonts optimized to emphasize and present your cause, donors and brand with quality. These include:

PaverArt Engraved Paver Approved Fonts - 032717


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