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Reverence and Appreciation

The Challenge

Architects, landscape architects and landscape designers rely on visual elements to create an atmosphere of reverence and appreciation when creating memorial areas meant for quiet reflection or built to honor an individual or group for their important contributions.


PAVERART adds Dimension to an Area of Reverence. Adding a graphic in colored pavers such as a Maltese Cross, armed forces logo, police emblem or Rotary and other civic symbols to a memorial project will have a great impact on visitors and is a unique way to demonstrate regard for those who serve and contribute to our communities.

PAVERART can translate your artistic concept onto a paver canvas that faithfully conveys your deep appreciation, whether it be an organization or institutional logo, graphic design or drawn image. Our patented fabrication process provides us with the versatility to produce virtually any design regardless of complexity or size.


Organizations that include paver artwork in public areas to memorialize donors can add another element of recognition with the creation of a Custom Engraving Fundraising Program. This program allows everyone involved in the project and the surrounding community to show their support by purchasing a custom engraved paver. And, engraved paver programs can be structured so that they offset the total cost of the project.

Our staff works closely with architects, engineers and landscape architects. We understand your needs and are here to help in whatever capacity you need regarding any graphic requirements that involve concrete or brick pavers. Click to learn more about fundraising with PAVERART Engraved Pavers.

Our Partners

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From concept to creation, we work with landscape architects, architects, engineers and landscape designers to leverage visual elements to create a sense of reverence and appreciation for their commemorative projects.

PAVERART understands your efforts to offer your clients solutions that transform outdoor spaces into beautiful gathering and reflective places. We stand ready to collaborate with you and support your projects from conception to completion and beyond.

Let a PAVERART Design Transform your Project Into a Work of Art

Our design and manufacturing professionals will take your client’s vision from concept to reality whether you choose one of our standard design kits, work with our team to create something that’s one-of-a-kind or provide us with a custom design. With PAVERART, it’s easy to make your client’s project a unique masterpiece – call our team and we’ll help you expedite your request quickly and effortlessly so you can be as creative as you’d like. Exceed your client’s demand for an innovative, top-quality design solution.

PAVERART takes the stress out of the installation of your beautiful design. We pre-assemble your project on our factory floor and inspect it for quality assurance and engineering compliance to insure that your installation will proceed seamlessly. Your design is packaged in already-assembled sections to make sure your installation is as efficient as possible. In addition, we provide easy-to-follow instructions including an embedded photo of your assembled design.

Unleash Your Creativity

PaverArt ContractorsEscape the limitations of stained and stamped concrete and experience the design freedom, color brilliance and maintenance-free durability of PAVERART. Our patented manufacturing process uses source materials that exceed industry standards for quality and durability. You can trust that your client’s design will look beautiful for years to come. We’re the only company in the country that works artistically with bricks and pavers in this way. Think of your client’s project as an artistic paver canvas and use PAVERART to fabricate your design to fill that canvas. Go ahead, challenge us – we’ll respond with an award-winner!

Contact our experts today and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Ease of Installation

PAVERART’s exclusive packaging system eliminates the need for confusing, time-consuming templates or any additional on-site cutting. PAVERART products can be installed more quickly and efficiently than any other product currently on the market.

In addition, our easy-to-follow directions accompany each wonderfully unique design, and you can rest assured that PAVERART supports every project with decades of hands-on experience and knowledge.

Help When You Need It

In addition to our knowledgeable and responsive service, PAVERART has partnered with a variety of firms and design and build professionals to ensure a high level of support for your beautified hardscape project. Our partnerships assure skilled support to those who require assistance with the planning and ongoing use and enjoyment of their PAVERART project.


Mike Bull

Mike Bull

General Manager

Mike Bull is General Manager of PAVERART. As founding member Mike has performed every role in the organization since its inception in 2003. Mike brings the same passion that led to the birth, innovations and success of PAVERART to every client and every project.

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